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<title><?php echo ucfirst(SITE_HOST_NAME) ;?> - Professional Academic Writers Hub</title>
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<div class="fp_hd">Why Us</div>
<li>&radic; Flexible schedule</li><br />
<li>&radic; Competitive wages per project</li><br />
<li>&radic; Timely payment</li><br />
<li>&radic; Confidentiality</li><br />
<li>&radic; Responsive support</li><br />
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<?php if(isset($_SESSION['id'])){ ?> <div style="margin-top:60px; width:auto; clear:both;"><br></div><div class="m_desk"> <a href="orders/">&raquo;&raquo; My Work Desk!!</a> </div>
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	  foreach ($err as $e) {
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             <span style="font-size: 30px;font-weight: normal; line-height:25px;">Welcome, Writer</span><br>
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 <div class="cols"> 
 <div class="cols_hm"><p>Make money at the comfort of your home </p> </div>
 <div class="cols_hm cols_hm_c"><p>Constant flow of work </p> </div>
 <div class="cols_hm"><p>Prove your worth, get status/level upgrade</p> </div>
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